Photo collage - Melanie Peters, Weddings.

It’s really fun being involved in a couple’s special day.

Shooting weddings, and traveling throughout the south and beyond ... my camera and I love to tell stories and create memories. And what better way spend a day, than photographing, and creating the most beautiful images and artworks from a couple’s wedding day, that tell the story of their love and friendship ... pretty good day at the office I think!

I’m originally from the UK, and after much traveling through India and Asia, New Zealand has also become home for me.

When I’m not glued to my viewfinder with a silly grin on my face, I’ll be donning my walking shoes and soaking up what the awesome countryside has to offer. Followed by a bit of boysenberry ice cream and a good movie.

I’ll also be found catching up with couples at many a cafe over a fine cup of java, getting super excited about coming up with ideas for locations, shots and all manner of fun that we'll have on the big day.


From the Melt Blog

All the way from Brisbane for some Central sun!

It was a journey for family and friends who for the most part, all came from Brisbane for Madeline & Ben's Central Otago wedding. Madeline hadn't been to the hotel before so it would have been an amazing 1st trip for her!

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Girls Getting ready..

Girls getting ready..its such a fun part in the day of a wedding.
Most people opt for me to capture the morning preparations, as they know how important it can be to telling the story of their special day.

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